Propac Arabia is not just an exhibition for consumables, but also for capital goods and equipment, much of which is within the private sector – it is a networking and business opportunity that cannot be missed out on! Rapid expansion within the industry has in turn led to an increased demand for all forms of packaging and printing machinery and supplies; this is a market not only trying to satisfy its own demand, but also a developing export trade opportunities to neighboring and far countries.

The Government’s investment program into the country’s infrastructure is US 400 billion until 2020 and its encouragement, through attractive incentives, readyLmade industrial sites, low energy costs and an abundance of inexpensive skilled labor is succeeding in achieving the goals for domestically handled commodities.

New projects are generating ample opportunities for international engineering firms, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, machinery and spare parts to showcase their products and services to a high profile audience of businessmen and professionals. Green techniques, sustainable development and ecoL design remain key factors of innovation.

Substantial investment projects are currently developing in the country making Saudi Arabia the region’s largest producer of polyethylene by volume. Recent surveys have indicated that the Kingdom has the highest per capita consumption of plastics in the Middle East with an outstanding 40 kilograms per person, doubling more than any other country in the GCC.

Rising income and growing population continue to fuel demand for plastics providing impetus for growth and vast business opportunities for those engaged in plastics manufacturing and related industries.

Please visit the website to know more about the upcoming PropacArabia, to be held from February 9th till 12th , 2016 or contact us via email or phone in order to cater to your requirements and answer any questions you may have.